Wang Sishun is an emblematic figure of the new generation of contemporary artists from Mainland China. Born in 1979, he lives and works in Beijing. His approach is conceptual while investing in the creation of objects that would easily be classified as sculpture and installation. He also expresses himself through video or photography. His playful and experimental approach is accompanied generally by a protocol that makes the creative process remain on an equal footing with the plastic qualities of the final work. Truth at New Galerie is the first exhibition by Wang Sishun in Paris and enjoys the generous support of the John Dodelande Collection. The artist has made a six weeks journey from Beijing to Paris in order to bring us a flame that survived a devastating fire, a relic that Wang Sishun has turned into a work of art. Negative energy has been converted into an initiative that transforms and changes the object into a vector of thought whose transhumance has made both its iconic and symbolic potential more dynamic. To keep the flame lit in a lamp that will become, once safely arrived, the exemplary fire and paradigm of a Promethean action, the artist has traveled 7,500 miles, a rally worthy of a modern-day Marco Polo.