About the collection

John Dodelande’s driving ambition, as part of a generation of Silk Road country entrepreneurs, aims to build bridges supporting the shift of power between East and West. The John Dodelande collection, an art practice and exercise of creation, is based upon a passion for the extraordinary world of Chinese art, building upon values and aesthetics that largely still remain a mystery to Western audiences. The primary function of the Dodelande collection is to extract the DNA of Chinese contemporary art during this unprecedented era in the art of the Far East.



With his activities focused on China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, John Dodelande is building a bridge that spans from Continental Europe to Mainland China, following the path of ancient commerce. He is part of a new generation of Silk Road entrepreneurs, and a great connoisseur of Chinese art. Well-established yet constantly evolving, the Dodelande collection distinguishes itself both in its curatorial management and creative content.

The ambition of the John Dodelande collection is to bring back to life the legendary aspects of this historically paramount economic space, this road that connected Xi’an to Rome, bringing Oriental culture to eager Western audiences. This time the exchange is measured not in silk or ivory, but rather a carefully curated collection of modern and contemporary artworks that reflect the dazzling diversity of the artists’ mediums and aesthetic practice, and of Chinese culture itself.

John Dodelande has an accomplished business track record, spanning real estate, manufacturing and agriculture, based out of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Born an entrepreneur, John Dodelande started his first businesses in fashion and textile trade, where he first discovered the Silk Road countries. Settling in Georgia he first invested and developed agricultural lands, contributing to develop what is now a leading agri-business holding in the Caucasus. He further diversified his activitiesin the food processing sector, currently owning two factories in Georgia. John Dodelande has pioneered ambitious real estate developments, with his latest project ambitioning to redefine the territory around Tbilisi airport with hotels, a casino and modern parking facilities by 2019-20.

John Dodelande was granted Georgian Citizenship in 2013 by the President of Georgia for exceptional services to the country.

As a keen adventurer, John Dodelande has climbed some of the most highest and remote peaks on earth including the Carstens Peak in New Guinee, the Damavand in Iran and the Mt. Sidley in Antarctica.

As a collector, John Dodelande continues to devote a percentage of his business earnings to his primary passion: his contemporary Chinese art collection, which highlights the work of 10 major artists (the full collection includes work by more than 30 artists). He further supports Chinese artists by publishing artists’ monographies, producing videos, and mounting museum exhibitions in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. This cultural outreach is in perfect synergy with the historic cultural ties and dialogue between the different cultures of the region, as well as the economic and geopolitical situations in and around China. In the words of President Xi of China: “One belt, one road; a near neighbor is better than a distant cousin!