Ran Huan was born in 1982 in Xichang, (Sichuan province). Between 2002-2004 he attended Fine art courses at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, then completed an MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London between 2005-2007. 

He is a multidisciplinary artist known primarily for his film and video work, whose practice also encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and film. Since 2013 he has been showing with Simon Lee Gallery in London and Long March gallery in Beijing. In 2009 he was awarded a European Media Artists Residency Exchange (EMARE) supported by the European Culture Programme and the Arts Council, UK and the Katrin Cartlidge Foundation Award, Sarajevo Film Festival in 2015. His film work has received acclaim having been selected for the Palm d’Or at the 67th Cannes International Film Festival for his short film The Administration of Glory (2014). It brings together five parallel narratives exploring themes of deception, theft and violation. Working from an autobiographical perspective, the film asserts the possibilities of drama, often exhibiting tensions between surface and story, where the seduction of image and narrative serve as a façade for the artist’s interrogation of the conditions of artistic practice and the possibility of historical credibility.

Huang’s films, such as Disruptive Desires, Tranquillity and the Loss of Lucidity (2012), Blithe Tragedy (2010) and Fake Action Truth (2009) have garnered international attention and critical acclaim. The focus remains on the instability of the human experience, the tensions between narratives of truth and fiction, the nature of perception and the deconstruction of the concept of history. Critically engaged by the nature of perception, Huang’s oeuvre deals in juxtaposition and paradox, deconstructing systems of representation and rearranging the resulting elements in new and unsettling ways. Recent exhibition includes a solo exhibition Ran Huang: An Experience Shaped by an Experience I Never Experienced, Simon Lee Gallery, London, (2014) and in a group exhibition Before the Beginning and After the End 11, Long March Space, Beijing.

Long March Space