Lu Pingyuan was born in 1984 in Jinhua (Zhejiang province) He lives and works in Shanghai. Lu Pingyuan’s artworks involves a variety of media, including texts, installations, videos, paintings and others.

Lu Pingyuan has concentrated his practice on the writing of « stories » as a unique type of media for art creation. He collects singular and odd stories from various sources. Lu writes stories as a way to express his artistic points of view. These stories are enigmatic and spiritual, partly authentic, partly fictional. The notion of ritual in his works is fundamental to interrogate the connections between contemporary art and cultural rites. He has been fascinated by the work of On Kawara and vowed he would continue his series with the On Kawara, Today Series. These creations are a marker of the past into present. Through his paintings, he claims the impossibility for people to recall the remains of the past.

Lu’s solo exhibitions include A4 Contemporary Art Center, Chengdu, China (2014); Goethe Open Space, Goethe Institute, Shanghai, China (2013). He participated in the V Art Center, Shanghai, China (2013); and Bund 18 Gallery, Shanghai, China (2011); Liverpool Biennale, (2016); the Moscow Biennial, Russia (2015); the 3d Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Ural, Russia (2015); the 3rd Ural Biennial, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, Austria (2015); Cc Foundation, Shanghai, China (2015).

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